Mutton проститутка

{REGREPLACE-(\n)-()}Перевод и значение MUTTON в английском и русском языках. MUTTON. mutton.ogg. mʌtn n. баранина. roast mutton - жареная баранина.

Mutton проститутка

leg of mutton - а) задняя ножка ( баранина ); б) баранья нога проститутка блюдо ). mutton fat - бараний жир. 2. шутл. проститутка, баран. 3. сл. проститутка. 4. уст. баранья туша. Фото 100% мои ! = Фото 60% мои а остальное фотошоп. Мне 33 года - 38 лет и последняя пристойная лехтричка вильнула кормой. Пью в проститутка изредка - люблю бухнуть пивасиков.

Хорошо зарабатываю, обеспечена = стабильный средний. Стабильный средний доход = небольшой, но стабильный. A whole cluster of akin words — sweetmeats, meat, flesh, mutton - arc generally mutton as mediating between a whore and her sexual parts.'7 In other words, sweetmeats invokes not only a food/flesh analogy' but the idea of erotic commodities, sexual organs as purchasable items.

Роговые колики (Horn Colic) — временный приступ приапизма, иногда вызванный употреблением виагры (которой тогда не было) или шпанской мушки (которая тогда уже была). Mutton овечка (Laced Mutton) — Проститутка. Сливной кран (Lobcock) — Большой, но не достигающий полной эрекции член. All quotations from the plays are taken from the Arden Shakespeare editions mutton will be cited parenthetically in my text.

3 Kahn, Man's Estate, p. 120; see the 0£Z)definition of cuckold, 'A derisive name for the husband of an unfaithful wife' (sb. 1). S Sheep, see Bell-wether, Ewe, Laced Mutton, Lamb, Mutton, Ram, Tup, Wether. Ships, see Argosies, Barks, Carracks, Fleet, Galliasses, Gallies, Pinnaces, Vessels.

Sight, see Vision. W Wine, see Bastard, Canary, Sack, Sherrissack. Women, see Maids, Mistress, Mother, Nun, Nurse. Wench, see Whore, Widow, Wife. See Luce Pinfeld, see Pound Pojon, see Emprison Prayers, set Orsons Rabbit, see Cory R S Sheep, see Bell-wether, Ewe, Laced Mutton, Lainé, Mutton, Ram, Tup, Powdering. tub, Pox W Wine, see Baffard, Canary, Sark, Sherri-sack Women, see Maids, Miffross, Motber, Nun, Nurse Winch, ночной пхукет проститутки Whore, Widow, Wise.

[mʌtn] n 1. баранина roast mutton жареная баранина leg of mutton а) задняя ножка (баранина); б) баранья нога (блюдо) mutton fat бараний жир 2.

Mutton проститутка

шутл. овца, баран 3. сл. проститутка 4. уст. баранья туша. N (coll obs) женщина, обычно проститутка cf. bit of meat. And so it confounded him that his stupid and demeaning nickname had stuck like glue, this Mutton.

And проститутка also galled him that Bradley and Ruth Van Pieterburen were the objects of ridicule проститутка from such lowlifes as Mutton the Yid and his whore-nurse slut. Laced Mutton. An old word for a whore. Ay, Sir, I, a lost mutton, gave your letter to her, a laced mutton; and she, a mutton mutton, gave me, a lost mutton, nothing for my labour.

mutton проститутка

Shakspeare. LA'ceMAN. m. s. [lace and man.] One who deals in lace. Upon Notice given she travels up the Stairs, and in проститутка Hands she bore проститутка, Spit with a Leg of Mutton weil nigh.roasted thereupon ; she enters at a Point of Time, that happened to be critical ; she cries out, Rogue and, Whore!

See Luce Pinfold, see Pound Poison, see Empoison o Prayers, see Orisons Rabbit, see Coney * s Sheep, see Bell-wether, Ewe, Laced Mutton, Lamb, Mutton, Ram, Powdering-tub, Pox W. Wine, see Bastard, Canary, Sack, Sherris-sack Mutton, see Maids, Mistress, Mother, Nun, Nurse Wench, mutton Whore, Widow, Wife. This book would also be incomplete without the Earl of Rochester, the Duke of Проститутка, Sir Francis Dashwood and Charles II who loved nothing more than a leg of mutton and a whore.

In the 18th century the notorious members of the Hell Fire Clubs, the Knights of Mutton

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